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This doctrine is bound to include religious and philosophical systems, direct communication with the Creator of the Universe (without intermediaries), official (positive), the esoteric and the occult sciences. This teaching is the Aquarian Age will finally split between Light and Darkness (Good and Evil), that is, living and dead Aquarius water, between spirituality and materialism. Long before the birth of Jesus Christ there was a group of preachers and prophets, have expressed ideas similar to those given to people by Jesus Christ. The coming Messiah is the Age of Aquarius tell humanity new Truth author also offers some of his views about religion, the Age of Aquarius. Another remark.

Christianity (Truth, the data is Jesus Christ) is the Supreme Idea Zodiac Signs Pisces. Christ is the same for the birth of the physical body – Capricorn (Sun in Capricorn). Buddhism is the highest Ideas Signs of the Zodiac Cancer (Ancient India). Buddha on the birth of the physical body – – Taurus (Sun in Taurus). Buddha was born and died on the night of the May full moon, and had lived about eighty years. That is the Messiah that creates religion is the difference in the two signs of the zodiac of his physical birth, bodies (the Sun in the zodiac) Signs of the Zodiac and ideas of religion, which he creates. Consequently, the Messiah the Age of Aquarius at birth the physical body supposedly needs to be Sagittarius (Sun in Sagittarius his natal chart), not Aquarius, as it may seem at first glance.

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